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SDG Entrepreneurship Innovative Solutions Grants 2018

SDG Innovation Challenge 2018,We notify the general public about SDG Innovation Grants 2018 for Entrepreneur with ideas. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Grant) present a universal call to action by the United Nations (UN) for all stakeholders to join efforts to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The SDGs are the most strongly diserious development agenda to date. Reaching these Goals and meeting the development needs require substantial resource commitments. With the development funding landscape changing rapidly, charity models are no longer sufficient – there is a need to identify and tap into non-traditional and innovative sources of finance and implement new models that enable everyone to contribute
to economic growth.

The SDG Grants follow the Open Innovation Challenge of “YAS! Youth for Africa and SDGs” (, which UNDP implements in partnership with Accenture. YAS! is a
portal-platform for Africa’s youth entrepreneurial ecosystem. It supports the development and growth of youth entrepreneurship in Africa by creating a marketplace for eco-system players, namely investors, large corporates and governments.

Worth of SDG Innovation Grants 2018.

The winning entries will receive funding to validate, develop and scale innovative ideas. The SDG Innovation grants 2018 will be awarded to entrepreneurs who would like to test their innovative solutions or grow existing ventures, as per the following categories:

  1. Idea Stage: 5,000 USD (seed grants).
  2. Growth Stage: 10,000 USD (scale grants).

Eligibility of SDG Innovation Challenge 2018.

You are eligible for the SDG Innovation Challenge if you answer “yes” to all of the following questions:

  1. Are you  between 15 and 18 years old?  you are eligible to apply for the SDG Innovation Challenge 2018 and stand a chance to be profiled and recognized at the Africa Youth Conference as an outstanding innovator.
  2. The SDG Innovation Grants can only be awarded to entrepreneurs with a minimum age of 18 years, in other words, you must be an adult.


How to Apply For SDG Innovation Grants 2018

  • To apply for the SDG Challenge and stand a chance to win grant funding to pursue your entrepreneurship venture, if you have your innovative idea/solution, fill and submit the form below.
  • In addition to your written response, we encourage you to make multimedia submissions. This can include a short video (which can be recorded using a phone) narrating in a summary form your initiative or high-resolution action photographs of the solution.


The SDG Innovation Challenge applications close 1 September 2018. click the link below to apply


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