Photos of Race Track build On The Rooftop of a Primary School in China

Chinese School Rooftop Track: China Primary School Build A Race Track on A Four-Storey Building

Chinese School rooftop track ,China and there innovations never seems to amaze the world.  Wow! I’m thrilled, this is innovation at it’s peak. The race track as you can see is designed on the roof top of a four-storey building identified as Tiantia Primary school in China, the track covers 200m running space, as you can see from the picture, the is also a court beside the track on the rooftop, it looks more like a basketball court.Chinese School rooftop track

The Chinese Primary School Race track build on the rooftop is first of its kind, but come to think of it, how safe is this Chinese School rooftop track? One can say that the innovation came through due to lack of space, we all know that china is the most populated country in the world.


Chinese School rooftop track

But, on a more serious note, do you think Most Parents will allow their children partake in any of the activities going on the Chinese School rooftop track?  on the roof top?  Pleaase Comment and Share your views about this Chinese School rooftop track innovation.

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